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Value-based pricing is a way to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure that each dollar spent is used to move your business closer to reaching your goals. Points are purchased and spent on marketing activities. With a point system pricing model, we are also able to be more agile in responding to activities that are working and those that aren’t. It’s a win-win for everyone in an inbound marketing campaign.

Actual tactic costs may vary based on needed turnaround time and/or complexity.

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What Our Clients Say...


This Agency Truly Gets It & Expert GrowthPlan

I have had an excellent experience with HIVE. When I met with them and explained my goals they came back to me with an extremely well thought out growth plan and content map that just nailed everything I was looking for. The growth plan was extremely well thought through and thorough. When I shared it to my CEO he said it "greatly exceeded his expectations." My first thought was actually shock that after only hearing from me once on our company background and goals they were able to nail the growth plan on the first try. Most agencies require so much back and forth and editing, but these guys got it right out of the gate. Equally important, they are a joy to work with.


Heather, Censinet


Seriously Digital Marketing Experts

As someone who has worked in a variety of different businesses, I am confident when I say that small businesses should not be handling their own digital marketing. Not only is there hardly ever time to work on your own marketing, but the digital marketing industry is so fast moving you really need an expert helping you keep up. HIVE Digital Strategy is just that. Their level of expertise with the industry and dedication to their clients is unmatched. Not only do they know what they're doing, but they are dedicated to making sure their clients understand what they're doing and why it's important. That's not something you'll get from every marketing company. I highly highly recommend the team at HIVE Digital Strategy for all your marketing needs.

Amber, Adoption Choices


Past & Present Client

The folks at Hive are very professional. Even though I am of an older generation they communicate with me so well and help me navigate through social media and other technology that is not my area of expertise. The website work and Social Media Campaign provided by Hive DS has been reviewed so well that we receive complements regularly. These folks are Pros and I appreciate them and their work.

George, Basement Specialists


I Couldn't Be Happier

I was a client of HIVE Digital Strategy from 2012-2014 but did not renew my contract because I was romanced away by another company that offered a lower price. What a mistake ... you get what you pay for! My SEO dropped and therefore my client base did not increase as I had hoped. I returned to HIVE over a year ago and I couldn't be more pleased. My business has doubled and I have already reached my 2020 booking goal! Their customer service is outstanding. They are knowledgable, very responsive and patient with the "digitally impaired." I highly recommend them for SEO, blogging, website development, SMM and more.

Wanda, Blue Linden Weddings & Events


New Website and SEO Campaign

We've been working with HIVE for over 6 months now. They built a new website for us ground up and are running an SEO campaign for us as well. They took our visions and implemented every idea we have had and continue to work with us tweaking and improving. It's been a pleasure working with HIVE and they never complain about our many requests. Thanks for providing top-notch customer service and innovative products.


Chris, Van Wyk Confections


Superior Marketing Support

The team at HIVE work well in dynamic, active environments like ours and are always relevant in our plans. It’s like having an internal marketing team that can anticipate your every need!



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  • HIVE GrowthPlan Digital Strategy Document – starting at 96 points or 8 points per month over 12 months
  • Account Management, Review, and Strategy – 12% of points (minimum 15 points per month)
  • Database Cleanup - starting at 20 points


  • Blog Post (minimum 500 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 8 points each
  • Blog Post (minimum 1,000 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 14 points each
  • Blog Post (minimum 1,500 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 20 points each
    • Blog posts include topic creation, research, SEO focused content, featured image, and call-to-action.
  • High Value Content Offer – starting at 50 points each
    • Ex. eBook, checklist, white paper, infographic, guide, etc.
    • Includes custom call-to-action, landing page, and thank you page (requires a CMS or HubSpot)
  • Segmented Email – starting at 4 points each
  • Newsletter Email – starting at 6 points each
  • RSS Email – starting at 4 points
  • Workflow/Drip Campaign Development – starting at 12 points
    • Requires HubSpot or similar software


  • Lead Scoring Development – starting at 50 points
  • Chat Bot Development – starting at 20 points
  • CRM Implementation – starting at 20 points
  • Sales Enablement Campaign – starting at 50 points per month
    • May include: setting up chat/messenger tools, setup calling in the CRM, setup sales workflows, reporting dashboard creation, sales and marketing alignment review, email template creation, sales document creation, sequence creation and optimization, rep-specific landing page development, customer case study creation, prospecting support, LinkedIn Expansion management, and reporting and review.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment – starting at 30 points
    • May include: alignment workshop, redefining lifecycle stages, goal setting (sales and marketing), SLA development, lead handoff procedure creation, sales content review, and reporting and review.


  • Social Media Campaign – starting at 10 points per month
    • Basic campaign includes setup, optimization, design, and 4 posts per week on up to 3 networks
    • 7 posts per week on up to 3 networks - starting at 15 points per month
  • LinkedIn Expansion Campaign – 15 points per month



  • Silver PR Campaign – 17 points per month
  • Gold PR Campaign – 34 points per month
  • Platinum PR Campaign – 70 points per month
  • Boilerplate – 7 points
  • First Press Release – 14 points
  • Extra Press Releases – 7 points each
  • Press Kit – 30 points
  • Local Media List – 10 points
  • Regional Media List – 12 points
  • National Media List – 15 points
  • Influencer List & Outreach – 20 points

Note: Pricing updated for 1/1/2020. Pricing subject to change at any time and for rushed or weekend/holiday work.


We simply don't believe that your business fits into a box. All of our clients have a custom plan and package developed specifically for them and to reach their specific goals. Use the tool to the left to get an idea of what your campaign could look like and when you're ready, schedule a free consultation to learn more about our point-based pricing and how we can develop a campaign to reach your goals!



  • Any unused points will roll over to the next month. Points only expire if agreement is cancelled.
  • You will have a dedicated Account Manager to help run your campaign from start to finish.
  • Each month & quarter’s point usage will be decided in your monthly analytics review and strategy session.


We are a proud Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency. HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing software. We use their award winning platform for every aspect of your inbound marketing campaign including design, landing pages, social media, blogging, analytics, email marketing, and optimization. With HubSpot, we’re able to manage and optimize your entire campaign in one centralized location which gives us the ability to move more quickly to increase results.

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Most businesses with average or high growth goals should spend about 10% of their overall revenue on marketing activities. Next, you need to decide how you'll allocate that budget. Download our free marketing budget templates and start planning your budget today!

Included are these eight templates:

• Master Budget
• Product Marketing Budget
• Content Marketing Budget
• Paid Advertising Budget
• PR Budget
• Branding & Creative Budget
• Website Redesign Budget
• Event Budget