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Enrollment Marketing

Naropa University

HIVE Digital Strategy is an inbound marketing agency and Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner based in Colorado. We specialize in education and enrollment marketing through diverse campaigns including tactics such as website design, social media marketing, SEO, digital advertising, email marketing, blogging, copywriting, PR, traditional marketing and more!

Building a sustainable and effective marketing strategy upfront is of the utmost importance to the overall success of your enrollment campaigns. Our team is focused on making marketing decisions based on data and analytics which in turn boosts enrollment and increases return on investment.

Our all in-house team has the bandwidth to develop and deliver on any marketing strategy while creating a personalized and professional relationship with each of our clients. With our focus on the education industry and track record of successful partnerships with EDU clients, our team is prepared to deliver on marketing and advertising campaigns to continue to grow the awareness and enrollment for Naropa into the future.

Meet the Hive

Our all in-house team consists of experienced web developers, marketing strategists, copywriters, pay-per-click specialists, and client success managers. Our team is focused on creating close and lasting relationships with our clients in order to become experts in your business and industry.

We have strong processes in place to ensure that our work, client communication, and strategy are all aligned with the objectives of each client, regardless of location, industry, or goals.

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Our Philosophy

HIVE was founded with a simple goal:

To help organizations regardless of budget size, name recognition, or value propositions compete head on with the giants in any industry.

Our clients win by creating great content while out-thinking, out-working, and out-strategizing those giants.

What is marketing? 

To HIVE, marketing is the process of reaching the right people at the right time through the right medium based on research, data, and testing. There is no silver bullet when it comes to marketing. In order to be successful, we must learn, we must grow, and - most of all - we must put the consumer first when developing our strategies.

Our client service philosophy

We don't see ourselves as a vendor for our clients, but rather a partner for growth. Our role is to guide, educate, and deliver marketing and sales strategies and services based on data to move the needle and reach our clients' goals.

We believe that no one has all the answers and thus we are not afraid to share our honest opinions with our clients when it comes to new ideas and projects.

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