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The Only Section Module You'll Ever Need from HIVE Digital Strategy

This module has everything you need to get conversions on your site. With an easy to use interface, it can be configured into almost any design.

Perfect For

Hero sections, content sections, CTA callouts


  • Fully responsive
  • Easily configured into almost any design with no coding needed
  • Create custom animations for any elements
  • Extensive background options including video background, overlay, and optional parallax effect with JS or CSS
  • Scalable heading text for featuring big, bold text
  • Easily add calls-to-action to your content with options for pre-styled buttons or HubSpot CTAs
  • Feature an image, video, form, or HubSpot CTA in a separate column with placement options for above, below, left, or right of your content. The order of these columns can also be reversed on mobile. The form can be displayed inline or as a modal.
  • Display section as full height of the browser window and optionally add a scroll indicator to encourage users down the page

How It Works

Animations by ScrollReveal

Parallax by parallax.js


Content Tab
  • Heading - text
  • Content - rich text
  • CTA - button or HS CTA
  • Featured content - image, video, form or HS CTA
    • Show form inline or as a button with modal popup
  • Animations - add animations to the heading, content, featured content, scroll indicator, or entire section
Styles Tab
  • Background Options
    • Color, gradient, image, or video background (works with YouTube or Vimeo)
    • Color, gradient, or image overlay
  • Font Options
    • Heading font
    • Heading tag
    • Scale heading - input font size desired for minimum view width and maximum view width
    • Content font
  • Layout Options
    • Make full height
      • Show scroll indicator
    • Make full width OR
    • Set maximum container width
    • Horizontal, vertical, and text alignment
    • Section spacing
    • Featured content placement - above, below, left, or right of content
    • Column widths and spacing
    • Reverse column order on mobile
  • Button Options - customize primary or secondary button styles
    • Background color
    • Border options
    • Border radius
    • Font options
    • Hover background color
    • Hover border color
    • Hover font color
    • Make text uppercase
  • Scroll Indicator
    • Icon style - arrow or angle
    • Icon background color
    • Icon border options
    • Icon border radius
    • Label font options
  • Form Options
    • Show inline or as modal
    • Background color
    • Border options
    • Border radius
    • Horizontal, vertical, and text alignment
    • Section spacing
    • Label font
    • Input background color
    • Input border options
    • Input border radius
    • Input font
    • Customize submit button